Welcome to STEAM Cycling

STEAM is a CYCLING club that provides training for cyclists, with an emphasis on providing a structured, safe and social environment under the guidance of qualified instructors.

We are based in the relaxed beachy environs of the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia, and start our rides from Centennial Park early mornings.

We deliver regular structured cycling training through the week, weekend social trips  involving cycling , club races, and longer group rides. Our members participate in a variety of sporting events including cycling (both road, track and CX), mountain biking, ocean swimming, running and triathlon.

We welcome anyone who is interested in keeping fit, a bit of friendly competition, plus some varied social activities and events. Our primary focus is fitness and enjoyment and we are not a race licensed club, however many of our members actively compete in cycling and multi-sport events at a range of levels, and the club encourages this. Don’t be fooled by the images at the top of this page – we have quite a few women members too.

Our weekly routine looks like this:

Tuesday morning @ 5.45AM – Roll out from the York Road Gates, Centennial Park for coach led training, finishing at around 7AM (leaving plenty of time for a coffee and chat before commuting to work). Generally a strength session including hills outside the park, but sometimes a recovery session.

Thursday morning @ 5.45AM – Roll out from the York Road Gates, Centennial Park for coach led training, finishing at around 7AM. Generally a session within Centennial park with work on any of speed, FTP, Threshold, Race, or Power, depending on where we are in the training cycle.

Saturday morning @ 5.45AM – Roll out from the centre of Centennial Park for a 55km circuit called ‘Sons of Beaches’ around the Eastern suburbs beaches and hills, returning to Bondi junction for an 8AM cup of coffee.

Keep an eye on the Newsletter for Sunday raides – 2-4 hour ride. Routes change from week to week for variety and can be to the South (Waterfall return, Stanwell Tops), or the North (The 3 Gorges, Mosman and North shore beaches).

If you are interested in becoming a member please contact Mark at markgrosen@gmail.com or call him on 0403071966 for a chat.

See you at training!

Coaching and sessions are led by Dave our in house coach who is an accredited Cycling NSW Coach and an experienced safety first rider.

STEAM UPCOMING EVENTS LIST… we encourage our members to get involved in challenging themselves across these events and courses.

NSW Snowy Classic – 1st April 2023 (110kms or 170kms ) – ENTRY