STEAM people

STEAM has three qualified coaches providing structured training to all members each Tuesday and Thursday morning.


Darren Brewer

Darren is an accredited Cycling NSW Coach and experienced racer. Darren sets the STEAM training programme month by month and on the day varies it as necessary to suit every level of rider in the group. That may mean some who are in preparation for an event are riding up hills in the Big Chain Ring using the low gears on the rear cassette, whilst someone else with different goals is further up the gears. Darren’s motto is “We’ are 110% committed … the rest is up to you.”

Learn more about Darren, his techniques and his philosophy at

David Humphries

David is a Grade 1 Cycling NSW Coach and also wears the club Presidents hat. He works closely with Darren in developing the training and is always on standby if needed to drill the squad on the morning rides. David is one of STEAM’s strongest hill climbers and attributes this to his focus on a smooth 360degree rotation, using all parts of the stroke for maximum efficiency.

Rod Knutson

Rod is a Grade 1 Cycling NSW Coach and often acts as ‘the sweep’ controlling the back of the peleton and towing stragglers back into the fold. He is always willing to work with new members on their technique, disseminating words of wisdom picked up from his wide experience.

Who:  David Thomas
Work: Director Bug Communication
Bike: Trek Madonne, Cervllo P3, Ellsworth Truth mtb
ROLE: Steam Newsletters
Sport: Riding and racing bikes for over 35 years. BMX, Mountain bike, Time trial, triathlon and road.
 8 x Australian and 2 x Hawian Ironman Triathlon finisher, X-Terra World Championships
Best cycle moment, French Alps tour
Still to do: Win Hamill Cup.
What do I like about Steam Cycling. The people
Who:  Mark Rosen
Work: Chartered Accountant
Bike: Merida Reacto 95 & De Vinci Town bike
Role: Steam Website man
Sport: Always a competitor, (never a podium) in Cycling Road races, Triathlons (Olympic distance), Ocean swims, Half Marathons, Squash comps (A Grade), and a keen skier and snowboarder.
When not partaking in sport usually found at the Football Stadium cheering on Sydney FC, Waratahs & Roosters.
Best cycle moment, …. it is still ahead of me… but loved the Tour of Tasmania, Tour of Taiwan, and the Peaks Cheallenge events
Still to do: European alpine peaks climbs (Mt Ventoux, Stelvio, Galibierre, Alpe d’uex – aiming for 2018)
What do I like about Steam Cycling. First: The people. Second: The structured Training
Who:  David Humphries
Work: Architect
Bike: Cannondale Evo
Role: Club President
Sport: Riding and racing in long distance endurance events.
Best cycle moment, Winning the STEAM club Hamill Cup
What do I like about Steam Cycling. The people
Who:  Joe Sassine
Work: Director of Developments ….yet to discover how to retire
Bikes: Giant Propel SL0, Giant TCR, Giant SLR – With a lifetime warranty on the frame, why would you buy anything Italian?
Role : Steam Clothing – your cycling fashion is my passion 🙂
Sport: Mountain biking, squash, gym, road riding and hiking
Favourite Cycling Experience: Heli-cycling South Island New Zealand
Greatest Physical Achievement: Mt Kilimanjaro Summit
To Dream: Permanent traveller with two wheels
True Joy: My wife Amanda, and three gorgeous children, Chloe, Chris and Ashley
Who:  Kevin Eley
Work: Retired CEO now working harder than ever

Bike: Pinarello Montello Carbon time trail bike and a Pinarello Paris Carbon road bike.

Role: Steam Company Secretary

Sport:  Have completed numerous Marathons, half marathons, 6Ft tracks, Ironman, Race Across America, several Olympic distance triathlons, 3 Peaks and a few Cycle tours.

Which event did you enjoy most: The Cycle Tours by far-especially Lands end to John O’Groats where we stayed at 14 different Pubs on the way up to Scotland

Other Interests: Investing, reading and spending time with Robbie.

Best cycle moment: arriving at Annapolis after cycling in a 4 man team from the West Coast to the East coast of America where we covered 5000km and climbed 30,000 meters in 8 days– which just clips riding into Falls Creek being dragged along by Kerry Freeman and Rebecca Hay and completing 3 Peaks in the nick of time.

Still to do: Winning the Hamill Cup again without just sitting on Gino’s wheel.

What do I like about Steam Cycling: Having coffee afterwards and the banter that follows.

Who:  Rod Knutson
Work: Health Care
Bike: Have been on Specialised S Works Roubaix, but recently moved to Trek Emonda.
Role at Steam: Vice prez and coach level 1 for road and track.
Sports: Road cycling currently. MTB when I was younger. Holds a black belt in Barossa shiraz and Cental Otago pinots.
Best cycling moment: Have to be finishing the 2016 Falls Creek Challenge, delirious, in the dark and fog, chased by the police in the company of Steam’s “Tough Bastard Award” winner (Kel Smith) and being the last on the course!!
Still to do: See as much of the world as I can from the saddle of my bike.
Like about Steam: The calibre of its members